• The Material Good Collection
    The Material Good Collection

    Our exclusive collection of in-house designs showcases adventurous cuts and colors in never-before-seen combinations. Known for our meticulous design process, MG sources only the most unique diamond and gemstones for our handcrafted pieces.

    From one-of-a-kind showstoppers to luxe everyday staples, MG designs are made to be layered, treasured, and enjoyed. Whether you’re just starting your collection, or a seasoned collector looking for something unprecedented, discover handcrafted pieces sure to compliment your style.

    For something bespoke, visit the MG Atelier to customize your dream design. Our in-house design team works with you to fulfill and elevate your unique vision.

    Effortless elegance. Innovative edge. Heirloom-worthy jewelry to last a lifetime.


Internationally renowned, Anita Ko is an accomplished and award winning fine jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. She has paved her way in the jewelry industry by creating collections that range from everyday staples to opulent red carpet show stoppers, and everything in between. Known for her contemporary yet luxurious style, each piece is intentionally crafted for the modern woman. Every design is aspirational yet accessible while striking the ideal balance of unmatched sophistication and timeless femininity. Each bespoke and one-of-a-kind design is a true testament of her experienced craftsmanship and unique attention to detail, coveted by top jewelry collectors around the world. 


Reimagining modern luxury, ĀZLEE blends ancient practices of jewelry design, the everyday enchantment of nature, and art deco architecture into hand crafted designs. Since inception, sustainability has been a cornerstone of the brand - incorporating innovative practices and meticulously sourced materials. Each piece is crafted with recycled 18k gold, seamlessly paired with vintage and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Deliberate in design, each ĀZLEE piece is a modern work of art, an everyday staple made to last for generations.


Cicada Jewelry was originally founded in 1985 in the heart of New York City where each meticulously crafted piece is designed and executed. Over the last 30+ years breathtaking one-of-a kind pieces have been handcrafted for private clients and major red carpet moments. Just like their namesake, the Cicada, emerges to the surface to bring their distinct fantasy-like designs to life through their own heritage brand. Utilizing ethically sourced and traceable materials, the brand draws inspiration from the vibrant beauty of precious and semi-precious gemstones in various dynamic cuts. Pieces are designed and constructed with a focus on the unique stones they source. Cicada takes pride in making every single piece in-house. From design, to stone setting and then polishing, all of their creations are conceptualized and produced by artisans and masters of their craft. Each piece they create is bespoke and like no other. 


Exclusive to our Miami Beach Boutique

Characterized by his bold and sensual lines that are both feminine and masculine, Dries Criel redefines classic shapes into contemporary yet timeless fine jewelry. Utilizing only fully traceable materials and carefully chosen talented craftsmans in Italy and Belgium, this young designer continues to take craftsmanship and aesthetic value to the next level. Combining various old and new techniques, Dries seamlessly blends personal and idiosyncratic oeuvre - executed in precious stones, hand painted enamel and gold. Dries Criel draws inspiration from his personal interests, ultimate freedom as a fundamental value; the freedom to be or become who you are, as part of pure beauty and personal power for each wearer. 


Amongst one of the brightest emerging talents in the fine jewelry world, Fernando Jorge is internationally renowned for his distinctly sculptural designs. As a Brazilian native, each piece showcases the effortless sensuality and laid back attitude of his home country. Utilizing hand carved and locally sourced gemstones each intentionally crafted piece details his experienced artistry with intricate finishings and fluid movement. His award winning designs are a harmonious blend of modern elegance resulting in wearable art that continues to garner global notoriety. A master of his craft, each collection showcases a unique storyline and voice that cohesively fits together as a complete body of work. 


Exclusive to our Miami Beach Boutique

H. Moser & Cie., established by Heinrich Moser in 1828, is renowned for its mastery in watchmaking, incorporating their 18 in-house calibers throughout the breadth of the collection. Their timepieces showcase transformative movements and complicated innovations, while mastering minimalist and distinctive design. With a focus on harmony and elegance, Moser pushes boundaries in materials like enamel, Vantablack®, and jade stone, alongside extraordinary case designs and dials. Limited to roughly 3,000 watches annually, Moser embodies refined sophistication and timeless elegance, offering exceptional timepieces that transcend time. Rooted in an appreciation for dynamic innovation, the celebration of individual style and the pursuit of haute horlogerie, Material Good is proud to become an authorized retailer of H. Moser timepieces.


Grounded in imagination and free-spirited beauty Irene Neuwirth showcases her love affair with art and color with every design. Utilizing precious and semiprecious stones, each silhouette is a true celebration of her vibrant vision and uniqueness; showcasing her artistic creativity and craftsmanship. Devoted to creating pieces with imagination and heart, the world of Irene Neuwirth is one of whimsical nature where a kaleidoscope of color comes to life. 


Inspired by fine art and classical architecture, this New-York based jewelry designer combines sharp lines and floating diamonds into each hand crafted piece. Every Moritz Glik design is crafted by hand, blending traditional techniques with a playful, avant-garde sensibility. Best known for the Kaleidoscope Shaker, a Glik signature design, every design incorporates the beauty and fluidity of movement. Each precious shimmering fragment comes to life as the wearer moves. 


One of the most prolific and influential jewelry designers to the stars, Nikos Koulis is world renowned for exquisite stones, master craftsmanship, and his passionate vision for exceptional designs. His collections explore unique silhouettes, gorgeous contrasts of texture, and elaborate techniques for fine jewelry making. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, his creations encompass a timeless aura that resonates with the trends of the now, while remaining iconic staples for generations to come. 


Equal parts Ladan and Tanaz, this mother daughter duo has struck a harmonious balance creating perfectly wearable pieces for women of all ages. Intentional in design every SHAY piece encompasses both modern and contemporary silhouettes. Constructed to be stacked, layered, mixed and matched to refine a jewelry wardrobe that seamlessly transitions for any event in life. Utilizing diamonds and precious gemstones alike meticulously crafted in 18 carat gold, SHAY reimagines luxury. 


Since its inception, Spinelli Kilcollin has created clean, conceptual and innovative designs. Best known for their interconnected ring styles, intentionally crafted to be stacked or worn across several fingers - these unique silhouettes have become synonymous with the Spinelli Kilcollin aesthetic. An integral part of the SK family, all offerings are made by the same expert artisans in downtown Los Angeles’ jewelry district. Selected for their elevated craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to perfection, every design is intended to be fluid, versatile and made to be enjoyed. 


For over three decades, Suzanne Kalan has continued to be a pioneer in the jewelry industry, creating pieces that are both innovative and timeless. With a keen eye for detail, she infuses her own personal touch into every design. Her award winning Fireworks Collection is a true testament to her expert craftsmanship and creative spirit with its dynamic combination of dramatically placed diamonds and custom-cut gemstones set in gleaming 18 carat gold. Her modern take on traditional design has earned her international recognition across her various collections. In the ever-changing industry, Suzanne Kalan’s intentionally crafted pieces resonate with the trends of the now while remaining heirloom-worthy treasures for years to come. 


Exclusive to our Miami Beach Boutique

Brazilian born designer Sylvia Furmanovich is no stranger to expert craftsmanship. Her great-grandfather constructed adornments for the Vatican, and her father worked as a goldsmith instilling in her the importance of artistry to her craft. Since launching her namesake brand, for over 20 years Sylvia Furmanovich has become one of the most visionary artists working in fine jewelry today.  Furmanovich combines ancient cultures, unusual materials, and her meticulous attention to detail in each piece. Her lifelong love of travel has influenced many of her collections, employing a unique alchemy of traditional techniques, found artifacts and the natural world. She has collaborated with key institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Asprey. Furmanovich has been the recipient of the Couture Design Award on three separate occasions and has received the prestigious award of “Collection of the Year”. Sylvia Fumanovich continues to construct wearable art and one-of-a-kind pieces that are truly timeless.

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