Inspired by the allure of a traditional diamond solitaire pendant, Material Good presents the Muse and Muse Duo Pendant - 
our refined rendition of your staple necklace. Born from the esteemed lineage of our Muse engagement ring setting, this MG exclusive showcases an artful fusion of understated elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. With a minimalistic mounting free of prongs, our design showcases the stone you fell in love with, ensuring it takes center stage. 
Tailored to your individuality, personalize your pendant with your birthstone or any precious and semi-precious stones that 
resonate with you. Create your next piece that exudes timeless charm, meticulously crafted to reflect your unique style.


Showcasing the versatility of both white and yellow diamonds, our collection of diamond duo designs offers an alluring and contemporary interpretation of heirloom-worthy fine jewelry - featuring a captivating array of mixed shaped stones and colored diamonds. Our dynamic collection is carefully crafted to complement your personal style, ensuring that each piece becomes a cherished addition to your jewelry collection for years to come.


We are passionate about creating jewelry that is both wearable and unique. Inspired by more interesting shapes and incorporating them into traditional designs. Our recent focus and obsession has centered around pear shape cuts, both diamonds and gemstones. With their elegant curves, each design balances delicacy and boldness giving them the distinctive MG flair we strive for in our collection.

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The Lena necklace is a perfect example of MG’s “classic with a twist” credo. Our take on the traditional tennis necklace is the easiest way to incorporate diamonds into any look, even casually. Can equally be worn with jeans and a tee, or something dressier, and looks amazing alone or layered with others. The Lena is the ultimate in versatility!

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The Maeve earrings are a study in our particular brand of exactness when considering the balance and proportion of our pieces. So much thought was put into the sizes of the stones, the white diamonds vs. green emeralds, and the extremely minimal two-tone setting. The end result is too flawless to be ignored, 
the perfect event earring.

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The Keira views pear shape stones in a whole new light by turning them sideways, and the open hook-shaped band adds another unexpected element. This ring always gets a double take because when worn you really only see what looks like the stone floating on top of the finger. We love the emerald and sapphire versions as a cocktail ring, and the diamond version is divine as an engagement ring!

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When choosing gemstones from the many options out 
there to create Material Good pieces, the right stones - 
the stones that are selected to be brought home - jump out to me with an inherently magical quality about them. There is no other way to describe how I feel that these stones belong with Material Good. The majestic blue sapphire in this deceptively simple three-stone cocktail ring is certainly no exception! Electric tones of periwinkle and light pastel blues, mixed in with undertones of steely gray, create an otherworldly effect. This is where the step-cut faceting of this sapphire really comes into play, allowing for long and unbroken swathes of color to present themselves. You almost can’t believe a blend of blues this intoxicating can just be sitting on the top of your hand. It seemed to be missing a little something if set by itself, so I selected a perfectly proportioned pair of step-cut calf cut diamonds; an uncommon choice to play against the exceptional center sapphire.

-Atara Lev

Material Good Head Designer